UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV and Human Rights Releases Statement Ahead of High-Level Meeting

Geneva, April 6, 2011—The UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV and Human Rights has called on UN Member States to reaffirm the focus on human rights that has driven thirty years of progress in the global HIV response.  The 4-page statement sets out five non-negotiables for Member States as they negotiate the outcome document for the High-Level Meeting between now and June 8.  It states that the outcome document should:

  1. Reaffirm the emphasis on a human rights approach that mutually obliges rich and poor nations to fulfil the human right to health and that respects, protects and fulfils the human rights of people living with, affected by and vulnerable to HIV and AIDS
  1. Reaffirm Member States’ shared responsibility to realize the human right to health by setting clear targets for funding the HIV response from now until the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015
  1. Commit to utilising, to the fullest extent possible, flexibilities under the TRIPS agreement to lower the price of essential medicines
  1. Renew and reaffirm Member States’ commitment to the removal of laws, policies, practices, stigma and discrimination that block effective responses to AIDS
  1. Reaffirm the centrality of people living with HIV to the response as well as their human rights to non-discrimination, treatment as prevention, and meaningful participation

The UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV and Human Rights was established in 2002 to advise the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS on all matters relating to HIV and human rights. The Reference Group speaks with an independent voice; thus, its views do not necessarily reflect the views of the UNAIDS Secretariat or any of the UNAIDS Cosponsors.

For more information, please contact Reference Group Secretariat Ralf Jürgens at rjurgens@sympatico.ca.


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