O.K. You want coverage of Tony Clement being sneaky? Here you go.

Probably not his favourite picture of himself.

So at the bottom of this post is a quick round-up of the various news articles that went up (just before Bill C-393 died), that basically showed how the Bill was delayed and ultimately killed…

But for those who want the truncated version, here (in a nutshell) is what basically transpired. You can get a fuller version of the events of that one week of Senate activities by checking out this megafacepalm post at Boingboing.

1. We have someone who would like to say some stuff, but, hang on, he’s stepped out so let’s delay it until tomorrow…

2. And then there was stuff about “Well if you want it passed, you should try to make sure this election call doesn’t happen, but oh wait, let’s delay it for a day anyway…”

3. And then the next day, it was delayed again…

4. And then again, except “Oh, here’s an interesting leaked email, which happened to be full of spun misinformation, going around…” Hmmm… maybe we should delay it another day?

5. And then, well, it essentially died because you know the election call thingy happened (oh what a shock! If we had known, maybe we would have dealt with this earlier!).

So what happened: Well, by and large it seemed to be that certain folks preferred to not have to vote on Bill C-393 (knowing how popular it was and all), especially since there is always the need to maintain good relationships with your pharmaceutical friends.

All to say that this doesn’t strike me as either being very a rational way to examine a potentially invaluable law, or a very democratic way to do things.

Tory senators determined to delay bill giving medical aid to Africa (Ottawa Citizen, 23 March, 2011)

Tony Clement behind Senate delay, leaked document shows (Xtra!, 24 March 2011)

Clement attempts to block AIDS drug bill (Toronto Star, 24 March 2011)

Tony Clement urges senators to block generic-drug legislation (The Globe & Mail, 24 March 2011)


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