More of this please. Green Party steps up for Bill C393

Game on!

4 February 2011 – 3:14pm
OTTAWA — The Green Party applauds Parliament’s decision to allow NDP MP Paul Dewar to be recognized as Bill C-393’s new sponsor. The bill would amend the Canadian Access to Medicines Regime to allow developing countries access to affordable medications. Submitted as a private member’s bill by now retired New Democratic MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis, the bill had been waiting for a new sponsor before a final debate. “We are so pleased to see this spirit of cooperation on such a critical issue,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.

Now that Bill C-393 has been rejuvenated, the Green Party of Canada urges all MPs to vote in favour. “Millions of people struggling with AIDS/HIV, particularly in developing countries, would be helped by the passage of Bill C-393,” said Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader.
Almost a third of the more than thirty million people living with HIV still do not have access to medicine, according to UNAIDS. This Bill would allow Canadian companies to produce and distribute AIDS medication at a low price, something that is currently prevented by barriers within the Canadian Access to Medicines Regime. “The Canadian Access to Medicines Regime is not working and needs to be fixed,” said May. “This bill is how we do that and in turn ensure Canada is on the front line of helping ensure global access to medication.”

“Surely the connection between maternal health in developing countries and the need for affordable AIDS drugs is evident to all. Opposing Bill C-393 would undermine maternal health – not to mention child health,” said Dr. Georgina Wilcock, Green Health Critic.

LINK: Greens support amendments to Canadian Access to Medicines Regime


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