Guardian article on challenges with HIV drugs for children.

Here’s a quick news piece by Sarah Boseley at the Guardian:

The first major study of [HIV} drug resistance in young people, which looked at 1,000 European children born with HIV, raises questions about the suitability of anti-retroviral drugs for the young.

Drugs fail because the virus becomes resistant to them. This can happen if people take them erratically or stop taking them. Resistance sets in with adults, but more slowly.

But part of the problem, say Nathan Ford and Alexandra Calmy, is that the drugs available are not tested on children or turned into formulations that are easy for children to take. The doctors work for Médecins sans Frontières, which treats some of the 2 million children living with HIV, who were infected during childbirth – most of them in the developing world. Half of the children born with HIV die before their second birthday, they point out.

LINK: HIV study claims one in eight children resistant to drugs. (Thanks for link, Richard!)
LINK: Risk of triple-class virological failure in children with HIV: a retrospective cohort study (Lancet paper)


One response to “Guardian article on challenges with HIV drugs for children.

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