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Announcing the Global Health Carnival! Submit submit submit!

(Friday Night Lights from edvard brun on Vimeo)

Actually, we’ll think of a better sounding title in the coming days, but now seems as good a time as any to announce that this blog is going to restart the (DUM DUM DUM) Global Health Carnival.

For those of you unfamiliar with the “carnival” vernacular, this is where we seek out submissions whereby writers highlight their kick ass blog posts which tackle the many and various themes surrounding global health. Then, we concoct a one stop blog post to highlight all of this fine writing.

This could be pieces on relevant new science combatting diseases like HIV/AIDS or a neglected disease like malaria; it could be pieces that address the busy world of health policy; it could be pieces that provide a take from folks within the pharmaceutical industry; it could be opinion pieces on the megafacepalm-ness of governments who essentially make things difficult for all. It all works! And, to provide some further bait, we’ll also go to the effort of producing a snazzy pdf for the carnival – suitable for easy reader on your e-reader, or iPad.

Since it was via discussions on twitter that led to this carnival’s resurrection (Thanks @cgorman and @marynmck), let’s also use both Twitter and email to submit. You can send you links to @myrightsvsyours or by sending me an email at We’ll also try to do this monthly, which makes sense to make our first official deadline on May 1st (with the intention of putting up the carnival post a few days after that). I know that’s not a lot of time for this first one, but let’s see what we can get this first time around.

Game on!