Dear Government: please update the CAMR website

Much has occurred since 2004, the year Canada’s ambitious humanitarian law known as Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR) came into force. In 2008-2009, one order of an HIV-drug left Canada for Rwanda, which highlighted the need to simplify the law and make it more user-friendly. (This order marked the one and only time the law was used.) Later, two reform bills (S-232 and C-393) entered Parliament in an attempt to amend the unworkable law. They both died in the Senate however: S-232 following prorogation in 2009 and C-393 after it was effectively stalled by Conservative Senators and left to die on the order paper when Parliament dissolved in 2011. CAMR raised many eyebrows and a handful of stories emerged online and in Canadian newspapers. Heck, even celebrities such as K’naan started talking about CAMR. But according to the Government of Canada website dedicated to CAMR, nothing new has occurred since March 13th, 2008. I’m not suggesting the government give a shout out to K’naan but it wouldn’t hurt to update the “what’s new” section. Just sayin’.


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